Social Security Disability Benefits

April 18, 2019

You have paid into the Social Security system for a financial safety net. If you are disabled to the point you cannot work, you can apply for disability benefits. However,…

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When You Are Thinking About Separating From Your Spouse

March 15, 2019

What you can do before leaving: Gather documents that an attorney will ask for. Here is a list of what you’ll need. Monitor your own social media accounts to protect yourself.…

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Ms. Fortier Wins In Georgia Supreme Court

February 18, 2019

This case involves child custody and what happens when parents move out of state. In 2013, Jackie’s client, the father, was divorced and his ex moved to Florida. In 2015,…

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Health Insurance and Divorce

April 2, 2015

One of the few assets that are undervalued in a divorce is health insurance. Often one spouse has employer provided insurance and provides coverage for the entire family, while the…

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