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Camden County was established in 1777 and is one of the oldest counties in Georgia. Known for its attractive waterways, agrarian economy, and forestry products. It has thriving agricultural economy and is home to the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, with local towns of St. Marys, Woodbine and Kingsland. It has a low unemployment rate of 3.8%, with manufacturing, construction and healthcare jobs making up the majority of employment opportunities. These types of industries lend themselves to a high rate of injury and occupational illnesses.

If you have been diagnosed with a mental or physical illness or have been seriously injured and can’t work, you will probably need to file for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).

If you have already filed, do not get discouraged by being denied on your initial request. The majority of applicants seeking disability income from the Social Security Administration are denied and should request an immediate appeal due to the 60-day imposed deadline for a reconsideration of your case. According to the most recent surveys, even claimants with multiple sclerosis and cancer have an initial approval rating of only 64-68%. Improper documentation and not presenting enough medical evidence to substantiate a claim are the most common reasons given for initial and reconsideration denials. Many times, these denials present a continued hardship on individuals and families, creating an uncertain future and dismal prospects for a positive outcome.

At Harrison & Fortier, P.C. we have over 40 years of shared legal experience, specializing in providing legal assistance for claimants filing for Social Security Disability Income. The legal fees and costs associated with your case, are actually paid for by the Social Security Administration and in no way reduce your SSDI income if awarded. Presenting the proper documentation and medical evidence to the government is a complicated process and should not be undertaken alone. Without the assistance of a qualified and experienced representative, you might experience denial after denial, and delay in receiving your deserved financial assistance. Eligibility to receive SSDI is based on many factors including: an inability to work for at least one year, under current medical supervision or care, your age, and time of work history. Our experienced attorneys and staff are experts in knowing what the government wants and needs to make disability awards.

Harrison & Fortier, Social Security Disability Attorneys

At Harrison & Fortier, P.C. the majority of our legal practice is dedicated to Social Security Disability Income claims and Marital and Family Law issues. Garnett Harrison and Jacqueline Fortier have a unique perspective having represented 100’s of individuals and their families seeking and receiving SSDI. We understand the bureaucratic processes that the Social Security Administration employs to ensure disability income is awarded to only highly deserved individuals. According to a 2018 Government Accountability Office study, SSDI claimants are 3 times more likely to be granted Social Security Disability Income benefits when their documentation and medical evidence is organized and presented with the help of a qualified or legal representative. Our legal staff can assist in compiling and complying with the rigorous qualifications these types of claims require to be approved.

It is, therefore, safe to say, that by hiring Harrison & Fortier, P.C., to assist you in filing your claims or reconsiderations, this will not only increase your chances to receive Social Security Disability Income but will reduce the timeline spent to acquire approval and distribution of funds. Our attorneys and their individual staff will not only keep you abreast of where your claim rests during the entire process but are committed to gathering enough evidence to challenge your disability denials during all aspects of the Social Security Administration process.

Give us a call today at 912-882-1132 to speak directly with a Social Security Disability attorney specialist. Our consultations are always free and we look forward to assisting you to receive the benefits you so rightfully deserve.

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