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If you are unable to work because of an injury or have acquired a physical or mental illness, chances are you have considered filing for Social Security Disability Income or SSDI. If that is the case, you need to be aware that without proper legal guidance or experienced representation, your initial claim made to the Social Security Administration will probably be denied. The bureaucratic procedures in place for presenting medical evidence and the necessary documentation to prove that you meet all of the requirements to be awarded SSDI are very complicated. In the majority of cases, initial applicants for Social Security Disability Income are rejected out of hand and are forced to seek an appeal for a reconsideration of their case within a 60-day window or face a dismissal of their claim. Because of the serious nature of these cases, studies have been completed and reveal even applicants with certain cancers or even multiple sclerosis have an initial approval rating on average of only 65% and are also forced to appeal their case. Claimants must also prove that their eligibility to receive SSDI is based on additional factors such as an inability to work for at least one year, currently being treated or under the care of a medical professional, their age, and even the length of their work history.

At Harrison & Fortier, P.C., our lead attorneys, Garnett Harrison and Jacqueline Fortier understand that most claimants are overwhelmed by the system and face an uncertain future both medically and financially and that this burden should not be faced alone. According to a recently concluded Government Accountability Office Study, Social Security Disability Income claimants are 3 times more likely to be granted benefits when assisted by an attorney or experienced representative compiling documentation and organizing medical evidence to be presented to the Social Security Administration. Our attorneys and experienced legal staff can assist you in compiling and complying with these rigorous qualifications for approval.  Garnett Harrison and Jacqueline Fortier have over 40 years of shared legal experience assisting claimants filing for Social Security Disability Income in Folkston Ga.  We also assist low-income individuals and families, with limited work credits, apply for Social Security Income (SSI). Hiring a licensed and qualified Georgia attorney firm like Harrison & Fortier, P.C. will greatly increase your chances of being approved for Social Security Disability Income. Best of all, there are no out-of-pocket-expenses for employing an attorney to assist you. Fees are paid directly to the attorney by the Social Security Administration and have no effect on the amount of monies you are awarded.

Social Security Disability Attorneys - Harrison & Fortier, P.C.

At Harrison & Fortier, P.C. the majority of our legal practice consists of assisting Social Security Disability Income claimants, handling Marital and Family Law, and Personal Injury Cases. Garnett Harrison and Jacqueline Fortier have tremendous legal experience representing 100’s of individuals and their families seeking and receiving Social Security Disability Income. Our highly trained legal staff assists in compiling all the necessary records and documentation needed to comply with the government's rigorous requirements. Hiring Harrison & Fortier, P.C., to assist you in filing your initial or reconsideration claim will help you increase your chances to receive the income you deserve. Our attorneys and staff will keep you informed of the status of your claim through the entire process. Our number one goal is to help you get back to financial health. For, a free, no-obligation consultation call us at 912-882-1131. You will speak directly with a Social Security Disability attorney. We look forward to hearing about the facts in your case and assisting you in filing for and receiving disability income.


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